Please consult your doctor before you start any cleansing practice, especially water fasting or dry fasting. So your fasting experience can be safe and effective.

If your goal is to burn fat and keep it off long term, I would not recommend fasting at all. It would be way more effective, sustainable and healthier to start eating naturally slimming raw vegan food. I’ve been a raw vegan since 2007 and designed a solid raw vegan diet plan for spring for a whole month, full of filling and slimming recipes. You can get it for a ridiculously low price here: Balanced Raw Vegan Diet Plan for spring.

Preparing for my dry fasting experience

I always prepare and finish my dry fasting with about a week of juice fasting before and after the dry fast. This allows a body to empty the intestinal tract and ease into intense detox more smoothly. If you are not raw vegan, it’s important to eat raw for at least a month before any kind of fasting. It will allow your body to gently cleanse and gain strength before the serious and deep cleansing the wet or dry fasting provides. You can find my raw vegan recipe books and diet plans for almost every season of the year here.

My first dry fasting experience

I did my first long dry fast in 2010, three years into my raw vegan lifestyle. Before that, I did many short and a couple of longer water fasts. My first dry fast lasted for 9 days with one day break in between, when I had a glass of water and a colonic. So it was four dry days, one day – a small glass of water and then 4 more dry days. This fast dramatically improved my digestion and my outlook on life. I became more confident, calmer and got to a new level of inner freedom.

My second experience – the nine-day dry fasting

My second dry fast, in 2014, lasted for 9 days and it was one of the most intense experiences of my whole life. Only the end of the 40-day water fast was more challenging, but the intensity of suffering on the end of this second dry fast was probably the strongest out of my whole life. And at the same time, I experienced the most profound connection to my energy and inner joy of being alive.

Now, if you are not mentally ready, please don’t read the following little paragraph in grey color 😉

…I was salivating with dry sticky saliva which was hard to spit, but I was spitting it very often in a little cup (now I think it was a mistake), which was quite smelly, and I had to put a few drops of essential oil in there. Any good smell was very enjoyable and I could barely stand bad smells. I could feel energy running through my body very intensely.

It was very challenging to move, but I would get up every morning to do my regular practice of magical passes for energy (tensegrity), and I would feel much better afterward. I would also go for about a half an hour walk. On the first few days, I was even digging beds in the garden 🙂 I was not touching water at all, not even brushing my teeth. On the 8th day of dry fasting, my partner took me to the spring, next to the seaside. I dipped into the ocean and then washed off the salty water with spring water. It was still pretty chilly, but on dry fasting, you tend to feel hot more often than cold, so it was very delightful. It felt like heaven to pour fresh spring water on my body, but I still didn’t drink a one drop.

The results of the second dry fasting

After this dry fast, I realized how different is our own structured water (saliva) compared to the regular H2O. Even spring water feels too heavy, maybe because our spring is running down the hill and collecting heavy minerals on its way. The only thing that can compare to our own structured water is fresh juice that you can feel when biting into a fresh fruit or veggie. But if you are lucky enough to find an excellent spring, where water bubbles up, raising from under the ground, you can experience the most absorbable water outside of the living organism.

My third dry fasting experience

In spring 2015 I did a 10-day water fast immediately followed by 9-day dry fasting. I was going to do 10 dry days, but my lunges started detoxifying too intensely. Mucus was raising up to my throat, making it a little bit uncomfortable to breathe. It was hard to sleep too. Since water felt too heavy and I wasn’t craving it at all, I decided to have a few sips of diluted lemon juice, which immediately stopped all the discomfort, but later I realized that I actually burned my throat. So next time I would probably sip on some milder juice, not so acidic. On a 10th day, I only did a few sips of diluted lemon juice and a few sips of cucumber juice, but it helped me to feel much, much better.

The results of my third dry fast

I am delighted with the results of this last water and dry fasting experience – I released a few polyps from my intestines that I tried to get rid of for many years. I knew I had them most of my life since they are always reflected by moles on the body. And I had a few tiny moles on my belly, neck, and armpits. Now, since I released these polyps from my intestines, I see a couple of my small moles are drying and falling off.

Another fantastic result is a deep cleansing of my intestines that showed up as a super clean tongue. A whole layer of mucus just fell off one morning, and my mouth felt cleaner than ever before. Just absolutely nothing to scrape off. Only on the very back, there is still some mucus, so more work to do on the next fast.

And the most important result – the most profound sense of peaceful serenity I’ve ever experienced. I’ve always had this calm feeling of acceptance, but most of the time it was hiding deep inside my heart. And quite often I was completely detached from it. But now this inner peacefulness is much stronger. It’s filling up my everyday life, and it’s very soothing.

You can learn more about the benefits of dry fast by reading my review of one Russian doctor’s article on dry fasting here.

Or read an excellent book on dry fasting “The dry fasting miracle”. You can get it here.

And once again I would like to warn you – any fasting, dry or on the water can be very dangerous. So please consult a competent healthcare practitioner before you start any cleansing practice or make a significant change in your diet.